When Apple moves to Intel, and we hopefully get the ability to run Microsoft Windows operating systems on Macs, that Mac will likely be running an Intel Yonah dual-core chip.

Yonah is currently heavily promoted by Intel - for example during its recent Mobility Day or the Mobile and Wireless World Conference - as the company's first 65nm dual-core chip. The processor is planned to enter production in Q4 of this year and will become commercially available in Q1 of 2006. According to Intel, Yonah will bring significantly more performance, especially in multimedia and multitasking environments, and keep power consumption at the level of today's Pentium M processor. Clock speeds have not been revealed, however, demonstrated Yonah notebooks currently integrate a 2.0 GHz chip.
Despite the fact that Intel expects Yonah to be used mainly in notebooks, this will not stop Apple from using the processor in its entire product range, with desktops and notebooks alike using the dual-core CPU.