Violent computer games are once again under attack, and this time its upcoming game '25 to Life' that is the source of concern. Sen. Charles Schumer, a Democrat from New York has expressed extreme concerns about the game, claiming that it makes the Grand Theft Auto games look like "Romper Room" (a popular Children's TV Show in the U.S.). The game, which includes "cop killing", where the player can choose to play on either the side of Gangs or Cops, has been attacked as setting a bad example for children, despite the fact that the game is clearly not aimed at kids.

The sale of these "violent" games makes up a huge part of the industries $10 billion in annual U.S. sales. GTA: San Andreas was released in October 2004 and quickly became a best seller. Retailers and console manufacturers try to avoid the controversy of violent games, mainly due to the success of the games. The problem a lot of lawmakers have the games is that they seem to get more violent as they go along due to the developers' need to make the games more realistic. 25 to Life features gun battles between police and criminal gangs, in which human shields are used.