Microsoft has announced an initiative to offer MSN Messenger IM to Vodafone's mobile phone customers. People sitting at their MSN Instant Messaging (IM) client on their computers will be able to talk to people carrying Vodafone mobiles. A very fulsome integration is taking place, with the ability for users to show the "presence" of their contacts and exchange instant messages between MSN Messenger on a PC and Vodafone Messenger on mobile phones, and of course the other way around.

"By enabling our customers to see each other's presence on both PC and mobile devices, we are expanding our customers' ability to make smart communication choice," Microsoft's Corporate Vice President Blake Irving said in a prepared statement.
Vodafone Messenger, a form of IM on mobiles, currently runs on Vodafone Live! This WAP-based service is embedded into the latest Vodafone handsets. If this is not available, then SMS can be used as an alternative. Trials for the new service will start in July.