Folks who fancy themselves as a forensic computing scientist, or white hat ethical hacker, or suchlike will be interested to know about a new degree aimed at combating computer crime - if they can study in the UK, that is. De Montfort University, in England's East Midlands is starting up a program in computer crime fighting which will be available from September 2005.

Course leader Peter Norris said: "The opportunities for criminals to abuse digital electronics are countless; from mobile phones to the internet, for crimes ranging from identity thief to child pornography. Forensic computing scientists help prevent such crime and track down those who try to get away with it.
The course seems very integrated with industry and the actual Police departments themselves, with a compulsory third year placement within law enforcement or IT organisations. With malware and system attacks ever on the increase, this kind of education seems mandatory for the IT world of the 21st Century.