The RIAA is back at it again, this time filing a new series of complaints against 784 users of peer-to-peer networks. This comes just days after the US Supreme Court ruled networks such as Grokster may be held liable for infringement if they encourage people to make unauthorized copies of copyrighted songs, films or other content.

Citing Monday's Supreme Court ruling as a "shot in the arm" in the fight against illegal file-sharing, the Recording Industry Association of America announced another round of lawsuits on Wednesday, this one naming 784 users of peer-to-peer networks.

According to the RIAA, the copyright-infringement suits filed in district courts from California to New York targeted users sharing files on P2P services including Kazaa, LimeWire and Grokster.
This comes at a time where 45 percent of students surveyed said they use their campus networks for file-sharing.