Although this awaited sequel has been delayed for over a year, many impressive changes have been made since it was shown at E3 2004. Dungeon Siege II, the sequel to Gas Powered Games’ fantasy role-playing game, will be upon us early next month, so here you have a quick take on the beta version in the meantime.

While the original game was sometimes too easy on players as characters actually played too well on their own, Gas Powered Games (GPG) has changed this around several ways, which helps make the game more challenging. In the first game, it was possible to give orders to individual characters, but only party orders can be given in Dungeon Siege II. For example, if the "rampage" order is given, every party member is forced to follow the order. In the same line of changes we have that players now have to click more than once on an enemy to continue attacking it. This will force people to actually play the game, instead of kind of sit back and let the game play itself. So while we can understand such a measure, we don't necessarily agree with it.