The Big Blue has partnered with Houston-based CenterPoint Energy, to deliver broadband services through power lines. We just recently reported on a power line broadband company receiving funding from big corporations such as Google and Goldman Sachs, it seems the technology is gaining momentum.

There are a few good reasons why people may become attracted by a power line ISP. Rural areas, of course, will be the first to take advantage of the technology, but utility companies are also betting on the idea that with the existing infrastructure - available virtually everywhere - they could expand their business offering high-speed broadband simply by plugging a special adapter into a wall outlet.

CenterPoint says it will be one of the first utilities to test new technology, including faster chips that roughly triple connection speeds. With these chips, consumers will be able to receive Internet connections at about 7 megabits a second, equal to some of the fastest speeds available from cable companies.
Reportedly, the FCC is also supporting the development of power line broadband in order to counterweight the dominance of cable and phone industries in this market.