There will be many readers of Techspot who took to computers and technology at an early age. I first used a computer at the age of 5, wrote programs in BASIC on it, and devoured its manuals. I am sure many here could tell similar stories.

But it’s still impressive to hear about young Arfa Karim Randhawa, aged 10, who has become the youngest person to be certified as a Microsoft engineer. Yes, 10. You did read that correctly.

After first discovering computers at the age of five Randhawa pestered her father for a PC. She has been accepted into Pakistan's Applied Technologies advanced computer institute.

Randhawa is now a Microsoft Certified Application Developer but plans to become a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, which involves building programs into broader systems for business.
Arfa, who is from Faisalabad in Pakistan, passed her Microsoft Certified Professional examinations last year. Her future plans include Harvard, or a career at Microsoft.