You may recall how we were discussing the hacks that had been done on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which made it possible for a software patch to be downloaded that allows the player to access simulated sex in the PC version of the game. Well, it seems like the news of this is not going down too well at all, particularly with Senator Hillary Clinton, wife of former US President Bill Clinton, who has asked the Federal Trade Commission to look at the game's content. It is possible that this may lead to recall and ban of the game if things don't go well. And that could spell disaster for Rockstar, the company behind the game.

The US game industry's self-policing unit, the Entertainment Software Rating Board, is investigating whether New York-based Rockstar violated the industry rule requiring "full disclosure of pertinent content". If the company is found to have acted improperly, it may be forced to recall the game.

One industry insider said: "If they are forced to recall GTA: San Andreas over this, the company is doomed. They cannot afford this."