I know this is not computing related, but it just brought such a tear to my eye I had to post about it. James Doohan, the actor who played Montgomery Scott in the original series of Star Trek has died aged 85. The Canadian-born Doohan had struggled with pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease, and died early this morning. He will be sorely missed.

In a 1998 interview, Doohan was asked if he ever got tired of hearing the line "Beam me up, Scotty" -- a line that, reportedly, was never actually spoken on the TV show.

"I'm not tired of it at all," he replied. "Good gracious, it's been said to me for just about 31 years. It's been said to me at 70 miles an hour across four lanes on the freeway. I hear it from just about everybody. It's been fun."