Now here is the kind of news I always like to hear - Police in Spain have carried out a mass raid on email scammers. Some 300 people have been arrested at 166 locations. The scammers are believed to have robbed over 20,000 victims in 45 countries, and were arrested as part of a joint operation with the FBI.

"Anyone who has an email account will be all too familiar with email scams which claim they have won fortunes, or offer rewards for anyone prepared to help move money from far flung countries," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.
In addition to the 300 arrests, the raid netted 2,000 mobile phones, 327 computers, 165 fax machines and €218,000 in cash. Not the end of the war on this sort of thing, but a good battle won. Let us hope this is the sign of things to come.