A group called Team iFiber/Redwire have established what may be the longest un-amplified Wi-Fi link in history at this year's Defcon computer security convention. The group, which is made up of four college students, established a stable wireless connection to a mountain in Utah, from a remote site 124.9 miles away.

The team procured even larger dishes for this year's contest. Over the last year, a 12-foot dish and 10-foot dish was donated to the group. Scaffolding was built to support the dishes on the mountain and hold them up during transport. The team started driving to Vegas from Ohio with a Greyhound bus, which broke down twice, causing the team to ditch it in Denver. From there, a U-Haul truck was rented to complete the journey to Vegas.
The team was able to establish an 11 MByte per second connection during the attempt.