All enthusiasts know that for seriously cool cooling, you go for a good water block. For those that want to take it a step further, you know the way to go is a peltier. For the truly elite in cooling and overclocking, a combination can't go wrong. That's the philosophy behind this new device from Swiftech. Although using a water block to cool a peltier is nothing new, this is an extraordinarily unique package designed specifically for AMD Athlon64/FX in the 939 Pin socket. It comes with everything you need and more, including two radiators to keep that peltier happy. For those who are not familiar, a peltier is a thermoelectric device that is used to move heat from one side of a metal plate to another. It is very powerful and very power-hungry cooling. Read the full review of this beast over at mvktech. It is a full 10 pages, and covers this 256-Watt consuming cooler quite well. It is no task for an amateur to get this baby on, but for us enthusiasts the time and patience to get it on right is well worth it. Anyone interested in exotic cooling will want to check this out.