Tech giant HP is doing something that should come as no surprise to us. Many of their Inkjet models, including their 8250 Inkjet, are being sold at or near cost. Meaning they are making nil to zero profit on the actual printer itself. The 8250, retailing for $199, had an estimated cost of about $199! Of course, the money isn't in the printer. Unlike a laserjet, an Inkjet is going to need a constant supply of refills. Anyone who has owned an Inkjet knows how quickly those things are gobbled up.

"It's the (business) model for the low-end inkjet market. The manufacturers reap whatever they are losing on the printers on the supplies,"
It's no great secret that many inkjet carts have pre-programmed death built into them. When you can pick up a low end ink jet for as low as $30 though, the companies have to make their profit somewhere.