Indeed there shall be two different Xbox 360 set-ups, according to Microsoft. The company has officially confirmed two differently-priced packages for the North American and European markets. There will be a premium system for $399.99 and a core set-up for $299.99 (£279.99 and £209.99 in the UK and €399.99 and €299.99 in the rest of Europe.) The premium, or "Xbox 360" package ($399.99), is designed for the hardcore, HD-ready gamer, while the Xbox 360 Core System ($299.99) is your basic set-up.

The premium package includes an Xbox 360, a detachable 20-GB hard-drive, a wireless controller, faceplate, headset, a component HD AV cable, an Ethernet cable, and for a limited time, a remote controller.

The Core 360 System is stripped down in comparison. It includes an Xbox 360, one standard wired controller, a faceplate, and a standard AV cable. The $399 package is designed for the high-definition gaming era; the other is designed for a no-frills, current-gen set-up. Presumably both systems come with power cords, though Microsoft's press releases didn't actually include them.
Asian customers will have to wait till the Tokyo Game Show in mid-September to find out what is happening for them. Still no real word on a release date, but the smart money is on November for the North American and European launch.