Continuing the on going saga of just what format will wind up being the widely accepted next generation DVD, Universal Music has made the move of supporting Sony's Blu-ray high-definition DVD format and joined the Blu-ray Disc Association. Whilst this does bring the total number of companies now contributing to the development of the technology to around 140, some of them are still flirting with the rival HD DVD format from Toshiba as well. What a mess! Nevertheless, Brian Zucker, Blu-ray spokesperson, was understandably pleased about the move.

'Universal Music Group is the latest in a continually growing list of companies that have told us Blu-ray Disc's capacity and functionality are important to the growth of their future business,' said Brian Zucker, Blu-ray spokesperson. 'In collaboration with the world's leading technology and content companies, we are on track to launch a complete high-definition format that is a quantum leap in innovation and delivers a dramatic new consumer experience in all areas of home entertainment - movies, music and games.'