It's no secret that ASRock is not exactly known for their 'Quality' products. In the motherboard market food chain, ASRock tends to be near or at the very bottom, right along with PCChips. One thing vendors like these do have going for them though, is their willingness to experiment. ASRock has come up with a board that is noteworthy for several reasons. Anyone remember those combo Socket 370 / Slot 1 boards that PCChips produced? This one is similar in nature.

Their new 775Dual-880Pro motherboard supports DDR and DDR2, AGP and PCI-Ex, and dual-core Pentium 4. You won't be able to use AGP and PCI-Ex at the same time, nor DDR and DDR-2, but people looking for an easy upgrade path have found it. Unlike the board from Gigabyte mentioned earlier in the day, ASRock products are usually priced very cheaply.