Every year, Intel hosts their 'Developer Forum' in which they discuss for several days Intel going-ons and coming attractions for the next few years. They often have product demos, road maps, technology unveilings, et cetera. Essentially, it is a marketing campaign. AMD has tried hard to make sure they get some of the spotlight the past few years with their releases, and this year they are doing it near the IDF.

”On Tuesday, AMD is launching a one-day advertising blitz that challenges Intel to a "Dual-Core Duel." The ad copy invites Intel to "a live shoot-out" measuring server workloads and energy consumption.”
With the relative success of the Opteron and Athlon64, AMD is going to be hard-pressed to find a second wind without some innovation, because Intel has a lot of promising things on the horizon. They are taking everything they can get. An Intel spokesperson declined to comment about the situation involving AMD at the IDF, but AMD is not giving up, going so far as to even put an advertisement with an Opteron processor in a boxing ring, alone, 'waiting' for an opponent.