By huge, they really mean it. IBM has released a whopping 7U Server Chassis designed to be able to handle the immense heat output of Quad Xeons coupled with upwards of 12 high-speed SCSI drives, comfortably. As the article states, that's 3.6TB of storage with 300GB discs. 15,000RPM and above drives get extremely hot, and sometimes in the computing world, “bigger” is better. The server, dubbed the x260, had an R&D cost of over $10Million and will be starting at $4,600. That isn't a huge amount in the server world, so the price will appear quite nice to system integrators. There are others available by IBM as well such as the workstation “Intellistation M Pro 6218”, which comes with a dual-core Pentium 4, 64-bit Windows XP (or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0) and a price tag of around $1500. IBM offers both Opteron and Xeon server systems, and has offered both Windows and Linux in the past, so their solutions tend to be pretty open-ended.