Dual-core has been the craze lately, and offerings from both AMD and Intel have been storming the map. Either side is impressive, and though AMD was beat by Intel in the rush to get a Dual-Core to market, AMD is now going to try a bit of one-uping and releasing their Dual-Core Turion 64 processors in just a few months. The idea of “mobile dual-core” doesn't sound like it offers all that much battery life, but when you think about it, it actually has the possibility of giving you more battery life than before. What is very impressive is that these processors will have the same power-output of their single-core counterparts, 25W to 35W depending on model! These processors will possibly begin appearing in the Leonova ThinkPad series (formerly owned by IBM) of laptops, one of the more recognized brands. One thing that sets Turion 64 apart from Pentium M is that it shares in complete the memory and core architecture of Opterons and Athlon 64s.