Though the HD-DVD and BluRay wars are far from over, in fact just getting started, manufacturers are already busy getting ready for these two new formats. Even though you cannot get BluRay discs commercially just yet, Pioneer has a BluRay compatible optical drive available. It isn't that this drive is here that makes this interesting. After all, DVD players were common long before DVD burners were, and long before you could cheaply (or easily) get recordable DVD media. What makes this interesting is the fact that the drive support only BluRay from the newer formats, and cannot read CDs. Essentially, you're stuck with just DVDs and just BluRay. Will we see a repeat of the late 90s when just about every computer came with two optical drives? Early adopters usually get the short end of the stick and that seems to be the case with this baby. BluRay recording is slower than DVD recording and there's no mention on whether it would be able to support newer BluRay discs as they grow in size.