Earlier this week Apple made it possible to get a guaranteed return on a Mac Mini, provided you purchase it through Apple's online store. You can get any of the particular Mac Minis to try, and have 30 days for a guaranteed full refund, including some additional peripherals (such as a keyboard) that would be purchased with it. I'm not exactly sure how this would differ from any other purchase where you have the right to return, but it seems Apple is trying to get a hold on the back to school market. After all, mom and pop see a “no-risk” deal, and kid sees a new computer. A month later, kid doesn't want to lose the computer and mom and pop don't have time! Online stores may differ from retail stores, which often are required to give you a product grace period. I am not a mac fan, but I know some TS'ers are and might like the chance to try out a Mini.