Maxtor's most popular NAS product known as Maxtor Shared Storage is getting a bit of a face lift to make it more user friendly and more feasible as a media server. The ideal use for a device like this is to have large amounts of media stored on one machine for any machine in your house to use, whether it be DVD movies, music, home videos, et cetera. The revision will be called “Shared Storage Plus” and rather then being targeted at home offices looking for a file server/NAS, it will be targeted at home consumers for content delivery – supporting a maximum of 20 users(apparently simultaneously), or more realistically in this case, 20 machines, more than enough for a common home setup.

What makes this no ordinary NAS device is that it comes with a built in media server to handle the content delivery for all the media files you may want. It apparently is compatible enough to be able to use it with any UPnP media device without extra configuration, even without a PC. It ranges from 200GB to 500GB in configuration and starts at $300 USD.