A bit of behind the scene information on two enthusiast-popular companies is here for the reading. Bittech has an in-depth and interesting interview with John Bruno, a developer for ATI, and here is a breakdown of ECS Editors Day, a conference similar to the IDF. The ATI interview covers recent developments by ATI such as Crossfire and gives some hints as to upcoming technologies, though Mr. Bruno is pretty tight-lipped. Some of the more interesting tidbits from the ECS Editors Day include a peek at the ECS PF88 Extreme Hybrid, a motherboard from ECS that will support both AMD *and* Intel processors. Fascinating stuff, and is interesting how it is all put together.

The ECS conference has some Q&A from a lot of big players, such as ATI, AMD and nVidia, and is an interesting read whether or not you use or like ECS motherboards.