OCZ Technology Group, very famous among enthusiasts for their targeting of overclock and performance components, is releasing a new line of flash drives. This OCZ 'Rally' line uses a method that is being called 'Dual Channeling' for USB that gives a theoretical read speed of 23-28MByte/sec and a theoretical write speed of 15-17MByte/sec, which is anywhere from 20% faster to a full doubling of standard speeds depending on what type of drives you've used before. Portable storage is getting bigger and bigger. I don't know what I'd do without my 40GB laptop hard drive I carry in my pocket with me at work!

Besides the limited capacity, one of the main reasons I don't use flash drives yet is the speed. When I need to copy 4GB of data, 10MB/sec just doesn't cut it. OCZ understands this, apparently, and wants to improve it. The sizes offered are impressive too, with thumbdrives the size of a lighter upwards of 2GB in size. No prices are available yet, but much like many other flash devices come with a lifetime warranty.