Valve, the company behind the stellar Half Life and Half-Life related game series, has a rowdy leader. Gabe Newell, company founder and director, often goes to the public to talk about game-related issues that usually encompass an entire aspect of the industry. Here he is now talking down about next-gen consoles and related materials, such as Windows Vista. The interview is detailed and goes into a lot of areas, though it seems to be focusing on the fact that Mr. Newell does not like the development aspect of next-gen consoles, including PC development platforms. It isn't just Microsoft he is irked about – Sony and the PS3 is taking flak too, for lack of Steam-like technologies that supposedly assist developers greatly. He obviously wants Steam to take off like never before.

”So with Steam we're saying, 'Here's a set of tools that software developers need, focused on solving the problems that we have with this next generation of games.”
I can't say I'm too fond of steam, but Valve hasn't ever failed to impress in the past. As for his focusing on consoles, it is interesting to note that Valve has only produced two console games since the company was founded .As for the weight of his word, I'll leave that up to you.