Skype, a popular Net phone application company has recently signed a deal with Germany's third-largest mobile operator E-Plus to make a reduced rate data tariff across its network available for customers.

'E-Plus is the first mobile operator to partner with Skype, taking the first step to deliver Skype's vision of making Skype available over any network, including 3G. Now anyone with an E-Plus data flat-rate subscription will be able to enjoy the benefits of Skype's personal communications service when they are on the move in Germany,' said Niklas Zennström, Skype CEO and Co-founder.
By using a card which slots into any laptop computer, Skype customers can make Skype free, high-quality calls over the E-Plus mobile network. This is Skype's first deal with a mobile telco, but the company is also in talks with Motorola to provide Skype-ready handsets.