A few months ago, it was revealed that Intel is going to remove its presence in the entry-level desktop market, halting production of their low end line of chipsets including the 915 chipset (of all varieties). This has been good news for Via, who has picked up some of the market Intel left behind. In the past month alone Via has seen a nearly 21% increase in sales. Though this is due in part to the back to school season, the sheer increase also has much to do with Via able to provide Intel solutions for entry-level. Though this is helping Via in the short run, with Intel's much more focused development of performance chipsets, it leaves one to wonder what will happen to high-end desktop chipsets such as the recently-for-Intel Nforce4. Intel is still producing entry-level chipsets to meet previous orders but is not taking new orders. In a few months time, it will be all alternative.