Synthetic benchmarks are all good and well, and though some game benchmarks give us a bit of info, we don't see many 'real-world' performance benchmarks based upon actual play. Extremetech has some pretty in-depth comparisons between AMD and Intel in a standard 'gaming; environment, with the game actually being played, rather then just a timedemo. The article goes into the cost of the products involved, the performance over time, performance in specific areas and overall value. The results may not be as technically accurate as stone-cold benchmarks may be but it's interesting to read how new-age games fare on an overall scope. They offer some interesting Rate over Time graphs that show performance depredation or stabilization. That can be an important thing. What good is 120FPS in the first five minutes if it dips to a third of that after twenty minutes of play? The primary focus of the comparison is looking for consistent performance, rather than peak performance, which is something I'd like to see more of. If you're a gamer, give it a read.