A-Data Technology has developed and now released what may become the successor to ECC and ECC Registered SDRAM, the current de-facto standard for server platforms today. The new type of memory, “FB-DIMM”, is going to be made available in DDR2 at speeds of 533MHz and 667MHz. The new memory, designed for high-end servers and configurations of up to 192GB, uses “Advanced Memory Buffering”, which essentially takes the same idea as Registered memory to the next level. Clock, address, command and data signals are all buffered by the AMB chip, increasing latency but greatly increasing reliability and stability. As RAM modules continue to increase in speed, reliability becomes harder to maintain without some form of buffering. With AMB, next-gen servers will be able to vastly out perform previous generations while still retaining reliability, key in mission-critical machines. Samsung, Elpida, IDT, Hynix, NEC and Intel are all providing technology for this new lineup.