In addition to the price cuts on their Celeron and Desktop P4/P4-D line coming in January, Intel has, very quietly, reduced pricing on their Xeon line of processors as well. This price cut has comes without a press release, although that is not entirely uncommon. Most vendors that are impacted by large price changes would be notified by Intel directly, especially considering this is a CPU aimed at servers. The cuts are pretty large, upwards of 34% depending on the model. 34% of a chip that can run over $900 is nothing to shrug at. The most powerful of these server CPUs, a 3.6GHz Xeon with 2MB of L2 cache using the latest core, runs now at $690 (formerly over $1000). The newest line of Xeons all support EM64T as well as 800MHz FSB, and depending on model also support Hyperthreading.