Albatron isn't as well known as ASUS when it comes to performance boards, but they usually offer a fairly decent product aimed at the performance market. They've recently come up with a neat innovation that SLI users will like – The PX19-SLI, a pedal-less SLI motherboard for Intel CPUs. This LGA775 board has support for 1066MHz FSB and DDR2-667, and unlike most SLI motherboards does not require a pedal board, which is a tertiary board attached to the board when using two video cards. The PX19-SLI avoids this by having it built onto the motherboard, which is definitely something that reduces hassle.

According to their own press release, the board also features neat things such as a power modulation board that helps regulate and reduce CPU power consumption and temperature (important for faster Intel CPUs) and an easily detachable board for BIOS restoration and security.