The next lineup from Intel for laptops, based on the Yonah core with a 65nm process, have a TDP of 31W. Currently, that's not all that impressive. Current Pentium Ms and Turions are comparable. The clock speed is impressive, and even in a clock-reduced state it is over 1000Mhz. What is impressive is the low-voltage line, and the promise from Intel at the IDF with this core. The low voltage cores dissipate less than a half of that, with a dual-core chip only producing 15W of heat! That's comparable with Via low-power CPUs, and if they are socket compatible with P4 boards would be incredibly easy to passively cool. According to the site, once the next revision of the core is released you'll be seeing a P4 with a TDP of a mere 5.5W – Cool enough to hold in your hand. If that stays true, we could easily have laptops with 6 hours of battery life and more being the norm. Exciting stuff.