More dire warnings about web sites doing scams in the aftermath of the terrible events of hurricane Katrina have emerged. The FBI is warning people who want to donate money to the relief effort to be cautious to avoid fraudulent charities. It is reckoned that a great many of the 4,000 Web sites advertising relief services for Hurricane Katrina could be fake. Many of the sites originate from overseas, and some even pretend to be major organizations like the Red Cross.

"Just like these natural disasters bring out the best in people, they also bring out some of the worst elements of the criminal element out there who are willing to take advantage of those who are willing to give and those who so desperately need the relief," said Chris Swecker, chief of the FBI's criminal investigative division.
The Red Cross have seemingly hired a security company to scan the Internet for fake e-mails that try to trick people in this way. Some of the best advice being given is not to click on links but to directly type in the Web address of the charity in order to donate.