ATI has released an addition to their already high-performance X800 line, the X800 GT0. The GTO is meant to sit in between the GT and XT in terms of performance, and is geared towards overclockers, using the highly overclockable R480 core, perhaps sort of an appeasement to those still waiting for R520. Sapphire has already released a passively-cooled version of this card, which undoubtedly means the card has great overclocking potential. The card is not yet available in AGP form factor, only PCI-Ex, and it isn't known whether it will be released for AGP at all. Like other performance X800 cards, it uses 256MB of GDDR3, and starts at a clock rate of 400/490MHz (GPU/Memory). Sapphire claims that their 'Ultimate' version of the card is able to achieve 550/540MHz, which is quite impressive. How this card will fit into the market will be interesting, as the various flavors of cards out now are already numerous, and nVidia/ATI are both set to release their next-gen cards soon.