IBM Corp. and Red Hat Inc. are working on an initiative to help the development and adoption of Linux-based applications, with emphasis on emerging markets. IBM and Red Hat will provide developers with technical support and implementation expertise to help them more quickly port and certify their new applications, using IBM hardware and Red Hat's Enterprise Linux operating system. The target nations include China, India, Russia and South Korea.

Developers will be able to access the IBM and Red Hat support either in person or remotely from 15 of IBM's 25 Innovation Centers around the globe, Todd Chase, program director of IBM Innovations Centers worldwide said. While he couldn't put a financial figure on Big Blue's support for the initiative with Red Hat, he expects 20 to 25 IBM staff to be located in the 15 centers. Red Hat will be providing training on its Linux distribution at each of the sites, Chase added.

Six of the 15 centers are in emerging markets, with three in China -- in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai -- and one in Bangalore, India, one in Seoul, South Korea and one in Moscow, Russia. The others are in Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, Hursley in the U.K., Stuttgart in Germany, Amsterdam, and three in the U.S. in Waltham, Massachusetts, Chicago and San Mateo, California.