Especially with SLI coming standard in many systems today and the cost being very reachable, decent power supplies able to handle dual video cards along with dual core CPUs is a must. Capacity and stability are keen, and often even beefy models may not cut it for enthusiast systems. In my NAS I require 2 power supplies from the sheer amount of equipment inside, which piqued my interest in the ThermalTake PurePower 680W. Though this more reads like an infomercial and no stress test is done, the specifications are impressive and ThermalTake tends to be a brand of good repute. Mostly what is interesting about it is the affordability. We aren't taking hundreds of dollars for a beefy PSU anymore. The 420W model of this same line was going for a mere $36 a week ago. The author may disagree but $145 seems to be a great price for something this capable. Low-power designs aside, computers are still continuing to draw more and more power as time goes on. Within a year, 680W may be standard. If you're looking for a beefy PSU, give this a read.