Believe it or not, the take up of broadband in the US is slowing down. According to a new report from research group the Pew Internet and American Life Project, broadband take-up has grown by just 3% in the last year. 53% of online Americans have broadband currently, out of the 67% of Americans who have Internet access. 15% or so of the American population are completely cut off from getting broadband altogether.

The dial-up users of 2005 tended to be older, less educated and with lower incomes than their 2002 counterparts.

While dial-up surfers in 2002 were heavier users of the Internet and therefore willing converts to broadband, there is less enthusiasm among those currently in the net slow lane to make the switch, said the report.

Coupled with the fact that fewer new Internet users are coming online "the stock of potential broadband subscribers is not being replenished," the report found.