Palm will release its Windows Treo today. The new Windows-based Treo smart phone will be unveiled at a press conference in San Francisco organised by Palm, Microsoft, and Verizon.

Palm has dumped PalmSource, the company that develops the Palm OS, and it looks like it will move to Windows Mobile 5.0. Engadget posted photos of the Treo 700w, here last week. There it was running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0. Windows Mobile 5.0 is considered by some reviewers to be a step in the right direction for Vole, but otherwise don't like it.
Present at the meeting will be Palm's president and Ed Colligan, Verizon President Denny Strigl and of course good old Bill Gates himself.

The Treo, a PDA that can also make voice calls, is one of the hottest-selling mobile devices on the market, Sam Bhavnani, senior analyst with Current Analysis in San Diego, said. But with the support of Microsoft, IT managers might find it easier to issue the devices to their mobile workers, since they can take advantage of their familiarity with Microsoft's products, he said.