As dual core takes the stage by storm, with both AMD and Intel moving right along in offering a wide range of dual-core products, the single-core CPU era is definitely coming to an end. That end, for the Xeon, is sooner rather than later, as the final versions of the Xeon(single core only) will be a low-voltage 3GHz model (2.8GHz also available) and a standard 3.8GHz model. The low-voltage version will have a TDP at a mere 55W, making it quite attractive for low-profile servers. The particulars for cost is that it won't be that much of a difference between dual-core variants, yet more reason to begin the switch to dual core (aside from requiring new chipsets). Usually, the last of a series ends up being a trophy item as the years go by, such as the Pentium-III S 1.4GHz, which is still a commonly sought after CPU today. It may end up being the same way with the 3.8Ghz Single Core Xeons.