Putting a bit of a one-up on ISPs in the U.S. and Europe, British company Be is offering to local residents a connection speed high as 24Mbp/s down and 1.3Mbp/s up, extraordinarily fast no matter what country you are in (for a home connection). Their website is quite cheery but sparse on details, so the actual technology being isn't made clear but most likely it is xDSL. With the fastest providers in this area being 7Mbp/s for a much higher price, it's a wonder how a company could offer such speed and whether or not if it really took off if that speed would be reliable. Bandwidth for the home user has exploded over the past few years, after the stagnation that was dialup really started to show its age. Faster, faster faster... and we hope that a line as fast as that can reach our doorstep within a few years as well. When one company innovates, it often drives other to do the same.