Seemingly, customers of the new iPod Nanos are having to return them because of a problem where the screen scratches too easily. Many complaints have been received that the colour screen on the machine is not up to scratch because it cracks too easily.

Already a website has been set up for all those iPod fanatics who want Jobs’ Mob to recall the Ipod Nano.

On the site is a disgruntled Apple enthusiast who was careful to keep his nano safe yet after running it only twice the screen showed an off-white rather than its usual beautiful colours.

One guy has claimed the screen cracked just by sitting in the pocket of his ever so baggy jeans. He took out his player to show his friends and discovered that his headphones must have cracked the screen.
Many users have reported that when they have approached Apple to get their screens fixed, they have instead been advised just to buy a new iPod.