Rescinding from earlier statements, Toshiba will be delaying the release of HD-DVD Devices by as long as four months. Initially set for the end of 2005, now it may be March 2006 when it becomes possible to get our hands on a new HD-DVD player. Particulars to design problems or production delays aren't being mentioned, so it may be simple market timing which has caused Toshiba to reform their rollout plan, especially with the amount of impressing they will have to do with Microsoft and Intel standing behind them on the release. Even with the delay, HD-DVD and BluRay are both going to be here very soon, and we'll see the stores flooded with new devices. None or one or both will be up to you, though both sides are clearly hoping for one. Talks have not picked back up for uniformity, and the products are set to go head to head very soon.