There's been panic from Japanese giant Toshiba, over fears that Paramount is supporting the alternative Blu-Ray format, rather than the HD DVD that Toshiba supports. Toshiba is claiming that Paramount will continue to support HD DVD, despite strong rumours that the company is instead Blu-Ray, and sees this as the format of the future.

The studio, said Toshiba spinners, "still recognises HD DVD's advantages" including "accelerated time to market".

Toshiba "understands" that studios want to see "precisely what will happen in the CE and IT industries". Studios will "want to support al potential markets for their products".

According to Toshiba, Blu-Ray is way behind HD DVD and volume production of disks will show that.
Toshiba continues to claim that Hollywood will want to completely back HD DVD, and that Blu-Ray will be abandoned. However, reports continue to circulate that Paramount is backing Blu-Ray.