Putting mobile CPUs into desktops for various reasons from performance to power to overclocking is pretty common. It isn't always easy though, as sometimes expensive and clunky adapters need to be used or the chipsets supporting the CPU aren't available in desktop form. MSI has specifically targeted people wishing to do this with the lauded Pentium M with their 915GM Speedster-FA4 as well as creating a 1U server based around the same chipset. The desktop version of the board is quite compact and will fit into a MicroATX chassis, supports dual-channel DDR2, gigabit LAN and of course the very nice Pentium M and Celeron M. Both boards come stock with the Intel integrated graphics, but the desktop board offers a PCI-Ex slot for those wanting performance not power efficiency. This looks like a great little product, and definitely a candidate for overclocking.