More rumours are flying around about the possibility of new iPods, possibly including models that can play video, however this is not looking likely. The company plans to introduce more iPods before the end of the year. Executive vice president Tim Cook has suggested that it is unlikely that the iPod Nano will be the last iPod offering of the year.

Cook said: "Over a year ago, we set out to create revolutionary updates to our core iPod line-up. Last quarter was the final quarter for the older products. We think we did rather well with the prior line-up and believe that we will do even better with the new lineup that we have for the holiday season, including the new iPod Nano and some very innovative new products that we have yet to introduce."
The video iPod does look a little improbable, despite many rumours suggesting its coming. For one, Steve Jobs has made negative comments about such a device and the difficulties associated with delivering it. For another, it seems that a whole generation of people are already conditioned into getting music videos for free anyway.