Moctecito, the dual-core capable revision of the Itanium meant to revive the repeatedly troubled line, will have a total of 9 versions over the next few years. Starting next year the new line will go up against Sun and IBM enterprise-class CPUs. Starting with a 1.4GHz single core 9010 with a 400MHz FSB and a whopping 6MB cache, the low end Itaniums are due in the first half of 2006. The next round will see improvements all around, with dual-core CPUs as fast as 1.8GHz and higher, an incredible 18MB of L2 cache, and 667MHz FSB. The standard Itanium is a power hungry beast, and Intel is planning to release a low-voltage model that will dissipate less than half the heat of its cousins. The Xeon has still had a bigger impact than Itanium, and Intel really wants to turn that around. The Itanium has seen success in many niche markets, and it looks like that is where it will continue to be headed.