DDR-2 Memory is definitely starting to turn around. A review of some very fast Crucial DDR-2 667 is showing just how much too, Their next line in their enthusiast loved Ballistix line is proving how the higher clock speeds of DDR-2 will definitely overcome the high latencies as processes for manufacturing them start to improve. These sweet sticks are running at a blistering 333MHz at CAS 3, well below the standard DDR2-667 which is at CAS 5! The PC5300 rating of these sticks really shines and can actually justify a switch to DDR-2. The price of $96 for 512MB is not that much for the speed, and it's a sign of things to come. DDR still has a lot to offer if you can afford the high quality, fast-clocked sticks, but now you are seeing both standards as candidates for performance machines. Once we see DDR2-800 pull tricks like this I think there will be no more contest.