The Maxtor OneTouch line, popular for use in media environments or as backup storage, has been increased to a hefty 1 Terabyte, making it the largest "entry-level" external backup solution on the market. Using 2 x 500GB Maxtor SATA drives internally, the storage system natively supports a 500GB RAID-1 configuration or a 1TB RAID-0 configuration, is stackable, and will start retailing for around $900. There is a lower cost 600GB version that supports the same features, though for that kind of money you could almost built your own file server. Maxtor promotes the OneTouch as "... the easiest, most trustworthy way to reap the benefits of RAID". The bundle also includes software to be installed on other PCs to add other features such as data synchronization (ala windows offline files) and secured firmware.