Thinking of going for iPod with video? If so, do yourself a favour and drop over to and read their review of the 30GB iPod with video. Apple claims the new iPod is the thinnest full-sized iPod yet, it being 45 percent thinner than the original 5GB iPod.

Apple has nicely incorporated video into this iPod, making it just another synchronization option in iTunes and command in the iPod's main screen. To synchronize videos with the iPod you can elect to automatically update the iPod with any new compatible videos you've added to your iTunes library via the Videos tab that appears within iTunes' iPod preferences. And as with music, you can synchronize the iPod with videos contained in select playlists (playlists that contain just videos or a combination of music videos and audio tracks) as well as add videos manually by dragging them from the iTunes library to an iPod that's been configured to be updated manually.